Flowing with Fullness: Incorporating Mindfulness in Holistic Therapies

“In everyday life, Mindfulness invites us to live in the present moment, distancing ourselves from inner judgment. With a wide range of techniques at our disposal, we can learn and practice the relaxation and activation of our body-mind-spirit. Often, we limit meditation to sitting or lying down, attempting to clear our minds. However, it is important to highlight that there are infinite ways to practice Mindfulness. As a professional, I am firmly committed to guiding you on the path of Mindfulness and guided meditation, offering you a space for exploration and transformation.”

Nur Garriga

Coach, Terapeuta, Facilitadora,

Formadora y Assessora en PNL y

Sanadora en Shamanic Healing

In the context of integrative health therapies, Mindfulness plays a fundamental role. In this article, we will explore how this practice can become an essential part of your life, taking care of your physical and mental health and connecting more easily with your inner fullness to achieve greater well-being.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice originating from Buddhist teachings, involving the conscious attention to the present moment without judgment. It entails observing thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations without being carried away by them. It is an invitation to experience each moment with full awareness and acceptance.

What role does Mindfulness play in integrative therapies?

Integrative health therapies address the human being as a whole, considering both physical and emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Mindfulness becomes a powerful tool in this context as it allows patients to connect with their own essence, identify and release unhealthy thought and behavior patterns, and foster a greater self-awareness and awareness of their surroundings. Mindfulness helps us manage stress by enabling us to observe our thoughts and emotions without identifying with them, providing us with a clearer perspective and allowing us to respond more effectively to life’s challenges.

Is it possible to reduce anxiety through Mindfulness practice?

Regular Mindfulness practice has been associated with reducing anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders, as it helps create a calmer and more tranquil mind. In fact, it offers a way to address anxiety through full awareness and acceptance of the present moment without judgment or automatic reactions to thoughts and emotions. It teaches us to take care of ourselves and listen to the needs of our body and mind, promoting healthy lifestyle habits and a greater awareness of our overall well-being.

When we are present and attentive in our interactions with others, we can establish deeper and more authentic connections, and Mindfulness also allows us to actively listen, show empathy, and respond appropriately to improve our social relationships.

How is Mindfulness incorporated in integrative therapies?

At our therapy center, we help many people with Mindfulness and guided meditation practices. We offer various techniques to find the most suitable for each person and their needs in any given moment.

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