ECOLOGY: Interior and exterior well-being. In a conscious way, we learn to breathe properly, and we seriously connect with who we are, beings of nature. When we regain this balance, our day-to-day gains infinitely and our vision of the world is more leisurely and objective. Ecology reminds us of the importance of understanding that we are part of nature and not technology.

Our brain is not a computer, it is not designed to process images and sounds in the same way as the electronic devices that we feel so dependent on. Thus, when we abuse these resources, we become anxious and restless. Therefore, we need to learn to truly disconnect to rediscover who and what we are to regain the balance of our chakras from a more physical and spiritual perspective.

COACHING: The different techniques teach us to enjoy our life with a healthy and effective distance. Not only do we acquire habits of physical well-being, but it also shows us how to rectify unconscious patterns of thought that generate fears, insecurities, and mental and spiritual discomfort.

The combination of both disciplines adapting them to each one guarantees us a full and leisurely life as if we were in the eye of the hurricane.

Realistically, we cannot always sign up for retreats or get away on weekends. Ergo, what this is about is learning how to connect and disconnect in our own environment, without forgetting that we need nature to reinforce our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Therefore, we will certainly walk in the woods whenever possible to take care of ourselves in an ecological and responsible way, which will be beautifully reflected in each one of the areas of our life.

“Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.” 

Robert B. Dilts