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I am into motivating other people to transform their lives through Mindful Communication

Individual, couple, and group workshops in which we walk through some Communication techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming and Ayurvedic Psychology focused on empathy, feedback, conscious unconscious and subconscious communication, nutrition, breathing, concentration, self-esteem, emotional blockages, self-confidence, and confidence in others, intrapersonal and interpersonal psychology with the goal of creating healthy internal changes.

These sessions help us to feel more focused and passionate about our academic and work endeavors and, above all, enhance our personal growth by assisting us to find and rediscover our own tools.

For Work For School For Life

In everyday life, conscious meditation and mindful communication invite us to live the moment and to be present. There are a variety of techniques we can learn and practice to relax and re-educate our body-mind-spirit.

We focus on a set of breathing exercises, music, body language, Tibetan and Amerindians tools, shamanic reiki, holistic healing and effective neurolinguistic programming communication that help us heal and live our present with full awareness and peace.

For work

Work is an essential part of our daily lives, and it goes without saying that we deserve to enjoy it. We also often need to learn to relativize our dedication so that everything runs smoothly without risking our health.    

I believe we are one more gear and that the wheel turns properly with us. Finding the piece we want to be part of is the key. We need to be patient and confident, because we may never know when – how – where to find it if we only focus on the outside. Where we can discover it, sometimes with counseling, is inside of us.

For school

In our Western world, we are very lucky to be able to go to school and enjoy many options to prepare for the future. Often, unfortunately, we do not understand the processes, or we feel that we do not fit in. I think that this is precisely the main lesson: to understand and learn that we are developing tools of resilience, overcoming, and perseverance among others, and those will help us to deal with our studies, work and personal lives.

For life

Life teaches us a lot and sometimes too fast. It is worth looking at it with full awareness and learning from humility and confidence, because we are perfectly capable of overcoming the obstacles that are coming our way, and that is living.

It makes me happy to understand and redirect the lives of other people who may not yet understand their path, because they need to feel, hear, and / or visualize a certain way of life that works for them; or because they already understand it, they have chosen to be shown other options besides the ones they already know.

Everyone must find their own tools

I seek to help find the tools that work for everyone, not only from a technical or therapeutic perspective, but also from the resilience that has led me to where I am and want to share and teach.

I reckon that when we ask ourselves what we want and where we are going, it is a great sign of intelligence and freedom, and I personally think we need to embrace it with understanding so that we can get the answer we need.

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