Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills,

Collective Intelligence, and Leadership

About me

Nur Garriga


Communication Coach & Mentor

NLP Global Master Trainer                                                       

International Trainer &  Facilitator             

Teacher Coach  &  Language Teacher

Holistic Healer & Yoga Teacher

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I believe that people are able to transform their lives, and I choose to accompany them in their personal growth.

Nur is a Lifelong Learner and Entrepreneur, an experienced Teacher & Speaker, Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist, Wellness & Communication Coach, Holistic Healer, and the founder and director of Amazing English Center® & Coaching for Work for School for Life, and strongly believes in storytelling, motivational speaking, coaching, and teaching as transformational and inspiring tools.

She is actively doing research and using NLP for public speaking, coaching, education, and business; a member of the Board of Directors of the Guild of Foreign Languages and Learning Reinforcement Schools of Catalonia (GEIC), and a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Spain (PSAS), and its PSAS Business Growth training team.

She has worked, studied & lived in Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Malta, India, Canada & USA, and collaborates with various private and public business entities, and educational institutions as a motivational storyteller and speaker, coach, facilitator, and trainer.

Bachelor’s Degree holder in Translation and Interpretation (Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, German) and CAP (equivalent to a Master’s in Education – MEd) by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Collaborated on the CLIL/PILE research project with the same university to enhance multilingual education for years.

She is one of the few NLP University certified by Robert B. Dilts as an NLP Global Master Trainer, Facilitator & Transformational Entrepreneur; as a Success Factor Modeling Trainer; as an NLP Trainer & Consultant, and Third Generation Master Practitioner of NLP at UCSC California, USA. 

Also, certified Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 Yoga Teacher Training by 7 Chakras Yoga School – American / Indian Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, India; Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Canada, among other certifications.

With over two decades of dedicated service to children, teenagers, and adults, she has cultivated a rich expertise in communication, storytelling, coaching, healing, meditation, and yoga, which she refers to as ECO-COACHING. Her integrated approach is designed to assist you in achieving life balance, holistic healing of the body-mind-spirit continuum, and personal growth.

Engage with her transformative skills to embark on a journey towards new heights with a down-to-earth touch.

Eco-Coaching teaches us to focus and free our mind; to connect with our body; to embrace our spirit; and to grow in harmony in the environment around us.

Seminars - Workshops

  • Communication Coaching
  • Effective Communication
  • Successful Presentations
  • Public Speaking
  • Customized and Artistic English
  • Humanizing Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • NLP Training & Coaching
  • Tonality & Body Language
  • Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Shamanic Healing & Coaching
  • Ayurvedic Psychology


  • Nature
  • Neuroscience
  • Assertiveness
  • Well-being
  • Resilience
  • Holistic Healing
  • Language Training
  • Neurodiversity
  • Cross Cultural Communication

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