Discover the Inner Strength of the Team: Team Building and Self-Building for Comprehensive Well-Being.

The concept of Team Building is based on creating a space where each team member feels seen and valued. Our mission is to help the team leave behind criticism and embrace cooperation. Through games and activities, we promote active listening, careful observation, and the strengthening of individual and collective skills to achieve more ambitious results. Furthermore, we also work on each person’s abilities to achieve better leadership, allowing them to identify and enhance their internal resources. Identifying your leadership style will enable you to strengthen it or change it positively, creating a significant impact on yourselves and others.

Nur Garriga

Coach, Therapist, Facilitator

Trainer and Consultant in NLP

Healer in Shamanic Healing

In today’s business environment, team cohesion is essential to achieve optimal performance and effective productivity. A strongly united team can face challenges, overcome obstacles, and successfully achieve goals. However, to reach this point, it’s not only necessary to have good leadership and a team with appropriate technical skills but also to work on developing the inner strength of each team member. This is where the practices of Team Building and Self-Building come into play.

Team Building: Building the Team with Cohesion

Team Building is a practice that aims to improve group dynamics, foster communication, and build a strong bond among team members. This activity can take various forms, such as games, challenges, or cooperative activities. The main objective is to work on mutual trust, improve communication, and promote empathy so that each team member feels part of a cohesive unit.

Team Building activities can be carried out in natural environments, training centers, or even within the company’s facilities. Through fun and stimulating dynamics, participants learn to work as a team, overcome challenges, and recognize the individual talents they can bring to the group.

Self-Building: Discovering the Inner Strength of Each Individual

While Team Building focuses on building the team as a unit, Self-Building focuses on enhancing the inner strength of each individual. This practice involves self-awareness, self-discovery, and personal development. As team members, it is crucial for each individual to have a clear understanding of their own abilities, talents, and values.

Self-Building includes activities such as personal growth workshops, meditation and mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and emotional awareness exercises. Through these activities, team members can improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, and conflict resolution skills. This process also helps develop empathy towards others and a better understanding of the group’s needs.

The Integration of Team Building and Self-Building

When Team Building and Self-Building are combined, a powerful combination is achieved, allowing for the construction of a strongly united team while simultaneously promoting the personal development of each individual. When team members have a deep understanding of themselves and others, collaboration and cooperation naturally flow.

Furthermore, when individuals feel motivated and connected to their personal growth and well-being, they are more likely to give their best in teamwork. This translates into increased productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Discovering the inner strength of the team is essential for achieving comprehensive well-being at both a personal and professional level. Team Building and Self-Building are two complementary practices that can transform a workgroup into a highly effective and motivated team. Harmony within the team is key to successfully facing challenges and achieving desired goals.